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Air Quality Monitoring

Ground-Breaking New FM-801 Formaldehyde Meter

A new portable, continuous measurement formaldehyde (HCHO) meter is now available from GrayWolf. A reusable sensor cartridge employs the chemical reaction between formaldehyde and ß-diketone on a porous glass. The yellowing that results from this reaction is measured via photoelectric photometry with accurate readings to <20ppb HCHO, without significant cross-sensitivity, making it ideal for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) applications. The unit ‘re-zeros’ between 30-minute tests allowing for continuous monitoring (unique for this technology), and provides an output for real-time connection to GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense™ meters, WolfPack™ area monitors and to WolfSense™ enabled mobile PCs.

Some key facts about this highly innovative meter:

  • The FM-801 may be used for continuous monitoring, and/or for 30-minute spot checks.
  • The sensor cartridges are re-useable; up to 1000 tests per cartridge (at low formaldehyde levels).
  • The base unit may be used as an independent, simple data-logger, with data downloaded to GrayWolf’s WolfSense PC software.
  • The FM-801 can also be interfaced to a GrayWolf AdvancedSense meter, WolfPack monitor or WolfSense enabled WIN7 Tablet/Notebook. FM-801 readings are simultaneous to readings from any other sensors connected to the AdvancedSense, WolfPack, or Laptop and are logged into the same data file. Attach audio/photo/video/drawing/text notes to data files for efficient, reliable documentation of surveys.
  • Measurement range is from <20ppb to 1ppm.

The FM-801 formaldehyde meter kit is supplied with a mini-tripod, 5 sensor cartridges, a set of alkaline batteries, AC adapter, WolfSense PC data transfer/reporting software (on CD-ROM or USB key), a USB download cable and a hard-shell carrying case.







For more information, please contact:
Duncan Carter
Internal Sales Engineer
Enviro Technology Services Plc

+44 (0) 1453 733263

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