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Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

For air monitoring applications, ET can supply everything from a single gas or dust analyser through to an entire air quality monitoring network. As a world-renowned systems integrator, ET can provide clients with a range of standard or bespoke monitoring systems from roadside enclosures through to larger "walk-in" cabins and even trailer and vehicle based mobile laboratories. Real-time gas analysers are avaialble for the measurement of all major organic and inorganic pollutants including Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ozone (O3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ammonia (NH3), Benzene (C6H6), BTEX and VOC's. In addition to air monitors, ET supplies a wide range of continuous real-time dust monitors and gravimeteric samplers. Add in advanced calibration systems, data-logging, internet data distribution and service contracts and it soon becomes clear that ET is the only company you need to talk to for your Air Pollution Solutions.

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Some of our Clients

    • RWE
    • Thameswater
    • Defra
    • Swansea City Council
    • Highways England
    • Eon
    • Rio Tinto Alcan
    • Global Renewables
    • United Utilities
    • AGIP
    • Thurrock
    • Univercity Of Leicester
    • Manchester City Council
    • Rothampsted Research
    • Manchester Uni
    • Gravesham
    • Kings College London
    • City Of Westminster
    • Centre for Ecology and H
    • British Antartic Survey
    • NPL