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Air Quality Monitoring

NO2 Analyser

LGR’s NO2 Analyser uses cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy to measure the mole fraction of nitrogen dioxide continuously and directly in flowing air samples. The Nitrogen Dioxide Analyser is ideal for a wide variety of monitoring applications of this gas where extreme precision, accuracy and fast response are required. The NO2 Analyser’s ease-of-use and durability make it an ideal choice for field, flight and laboratory-based applications. LGR’s
analysers are used by researchers, scientists, governmental agencies and intergovernmental organizations on all seven continents.

For highest stability and long-term reproducibility, the NO2 Analyser is now available in LGR's "Enhanced Performance" packaging. LGR’s “Enhanced Performance” series incorporates proprietary internal thermal control for ultra-stable measurements.

  • Direct measurements of NO2
  • High precision: 0.05 ppb (1σ, 1 second)
  • Data reported at up to 5 Hz
  • Low power: 100 watts (standard package) 
  • Rugged: Proven in the field, in flight, and in the lab
  • No zero gas required: automatic chemical zero
  • Simple to use
  • Linear over wide range of mole fractions

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    • RWE
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    • Eon
    • Rio Tinto Alcan
    • Global Renewables
    • United Utilities
    • AGIP
    • Thurrock
    • Univercity Of Leicester
    • Manchester City Council
    • Rothampsted Research
    • Manchester Uni
    • Gravesham
    • Kings College London
    • City Of Westminster
    • Centre for Ecology and H
    • British Antartic Survey
    • NPL