The NEW Xact 625i Ambient Fence-Line Multi-Metals Monitor

Cooper Environmental’s Xact® 625i is designed for high time resolution multi-metals monitoring of ambient air, with detection limits that rival those of laboratory analysis.

Totally re-designed from the bottom up, the Xact 625i is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the Xact 625. It features improved detection limits, can measure more elements and unbelievably comes in at a significantly lower price than it’s predecessor.

It comes standard with a solid-state meteorological sensor and Cooper Environmental’s proprietary ADAPT analysis package, making the instrument one of the most powerful air pollution source detection offerings in the industry.

The system can simultaneously identify and measure multiple metals in ambient air to provide data for use in the following applications:

•    Fence-line monitoring
•    Source Apportionment
•    Determination of background concentrations
•    Spatial recognition of pollution sources
•    Temporal recognition of pollution sources
•    Resolve acute, short duration events
•    Risk and emergency management

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View the Xact 625i Product Datasheet here

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