University of Brighton poster showing initial results from multi-species Opsis Ambient DOAS System supplied and installed by ET

This poster highlights measurements for the criteria pollutants NO2, O3 and SO2 as well as for HONO (nitrous acid) and Formaldehyde, gases fundamentally important in understanding complex atmospheric processes.

Benefits of the Opsis DOAS system include the ability to measure NO2 “directly” (rather than by calculation by NOx-NO) and also to be able to measure “difficult” gases such as HONO and Formaldehyde on a continuous, hassle-free basis.

As well as providing fast, accurate and inherently reliable measurements, Opsis DOAS requires the absolute bare minimum of operator involvement, a quick wipe of the transceiver and reflector quartz windows once a month is about it!

Coupled with very low running costs, reduced calibration requirements and all the benefits of long-path remote sensing, Opsis DOAS is just one example of the cutting-edge measurement technology available from ET.

You can view the poster here.

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