Reliable and accurate dust monitoring all year round with the brand new ‘AirQualifier’.


We are pleased to add the brand new AirQualifier (EDM 264) from Grimm Aerosol to the extensive range of particle monitors and counters available from Enviro Technology for the UK and Ireland.

Suitable for both short and long-term static and mobile measurements in outdoor areas and at production sites, the AirQualifier features a powerful and robust measuring cell based on optical particle counting (OPC) technology with all the advantages that users of the Grimm Aerosol portable aerosol spectrometers are accustomed to.  

The system is embedded in a compact, weatherproof housing equipped with a heated sampling inlet, sigma 2-head, a data logger and meteorological sensor.

This versatile instrument performs real-time monitoring of all fine dust fractions for ambient air measurements: TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1, PMcoarse , calculated with the proven GRIMM enviro-algorithm, as well as six additional dust mass fractions: PM10, PM2.5, PM1, inhalable, thoracic and respirable for IAQ and workplace measurements. In addition, it provides particle number and size, and gives information on particle surface distribution and dust mass distribution.  

Data Acquisition
The AirQualifier has 31 equidistant size channels, which are PSL traceable. A high-end data logger enables data acquisition and wireless communication via LTE, WIFI or wired via Ethernet. Backup copies of the measurement data are stored directly in the device.

Long Term Stability
The rinsing air function, which protects the illumination and detection optics in the optical cell, increases the reliability and long-term stability of the system. The entire sample volume flow of 1.2 L/min is analysed in the optical cell, providing excellent counting efficiency at low and high concentrations.

The highest class of accuracy
All these features make the AirQualifier a World-leading instrument for precise monitoring of dust masses, particle surfaces and particle number concentrations.

These credentials ensure the AirQualifier is an indispensable tool for users who need to measure aerosol concentrations in urban environments, at construction sites or at production facilities.

You can read more about the AirQualifier on it's product page 

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