ET gears up for Clean Air Day!

Our favourite time of year has come around again. The suns shining (at last) and Clean Air Day is just around
the corner (June 17th).

After a year of lockdowns and a drastic reduction in traffic, Clean Air Day is timely this year. As covid measures lift and traffic ramps up again what better time to support UK’s largest air pollution campaign, Clean Air Day.

As in previous years, our zero-emission mobile air quality monitoring laboratory, the Smogmobile, will be out and about measuring pollutants and raising awareness. This year’s CAD theme is protect our children’s health from air pollution so we felt there was no better way to support this than monitoring pollutants at a local school.

CAD 2021 themed social image

ET’s MD, Duncan Mounsor will be taking smoggy to Upton St Leonards primary the week before Clean Air Day to check up on local levels of NOx and PM2.5 at drop off. He’s going to stick around for a bit so the children can come and have a look at his highly sensitive precision analysers collecting data. Later in the day Duncan will connect virtually with the school to educate the children about where air pollution comes from and what we can do about it.

The school are whole heartedly behind the plan and are very active in encouraging the pupils to think about the environment and are committed to promoting Clean Air Day both internally and externally. Pupils who travel greener on the 17th June will be awarded house points.

The Smogmobile has proved successful at monitoring pollutants at schools previously. In this case study gloucestershire-county-council-school-study.pdf ( you can read how Gloucestershire County Council commissioned the Smogmobile to monitor at 7 schools to determine the spatial distribution of air pollutants (particularly nitrogen dioxide, PM10, and ozone) to compare levels during half term and term time.

On June 17th The Smogmobile will be out again taking measurements around ET’s hometown of Stroud, Gloucestershire where it will be on patrol to give a second-by-second picture of common pollutant levels and identifying localised air pollution hot spots.

Look out for Clean Air Day updates and photos on our social media channels.

For more information on how the Smogmobile can help you monitor pollutants, contact ET today.    01453 733200

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