ET supports Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospital Charity following massive strain on NHS services in 2020 & 2021

Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals charity logo

Ever since ET’s CSR committee was set up, following an inspiring CSR day held by one of our forward thinking suppliers some years ago, we have been committed to supporting environmental and conservation charities. Including: The Woodland Trust, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Cotswold Canal Trust and South West Ambulance Service.

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Now, following the massive strain on the NHS throughout 2020 – 2021, we feel it’s fitting to support an NHS charity this time round. And now, after making an initial donation to Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals charity in June, we are busy planning some fundraising ideas so that we can continue support this worthy cause.

When they’re not coming up with fundraising initiatives, ET’s CSR committee look for ways to lower ET’s impact on the environment and seek out ways to make a positive difference in the places ET operate, and in the lives of our employees.

Below are a few of the recent CSR initiatives ET and it's employees have been involved in.

Ecobrick CSR
Crisp packet CSR initiative
Travel CSR initiative
Mental Health CSR initiative
Cancer care CSR initiative


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