The Smogmobile analyses data and builds awareness at Gloucestershire school & in Westminster for Clean Air Day 2021

Upton st leonard school

As many businesses and environment bodies around the UK prepared for Clean Air Day 2021, ET’s zero emissions air quality laboratory - the Smogmobile, was no exception. 

After a thorough check over of all it’s highly sensitive analysers, the Smogmobile took to the road ahead of June 17th to do some preparatory analysis of air quality at Upton St Leonard Primary School in Gloucestershire, at morning drop off. Pupils were asked to walk, cycle or scoot to school so a comparison study could be performed a week later on CAD 2021.

Upton St Leonards tweet on CAD 2021

During the school's assembly ET’s MD, Duncan Mounsor, gave a virtual presentation about the dangers of air pollution and the small actions we can all take to reduce it. On CAD itself, a truck with an idling engine delivering to the school showed up as a huge spike in emissions, illustrating how there’s no place for idling engines, especially near schools!

CAD graph at Upton St Leonard school June 2021

Two days ahead of CAD Duncan took the Smogmobile down to Westminster to measure modern urban pollutants including NO2 and PM10 & PM2.5. The study was commissioned by Westminster City Council in conjunction with The Northbank BID as part of their ‘Air Quality Action Day’ initiative. Initially monitoring at The Strand and later at Regents St, it was able to provide real time measurements of nitrogen dioxide emissions, particulates and black carbon to highlight the risks created by pollution from vehicles and engine idling.

Westminster City Council are working hard to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions through their diesel surcharge scheme and #Don’tbeidle campaign. 

Westminster CAD photo

ET received a lovely email of thanks the following day...

Westminster Testimonial 3
ET take pride in helping these kind of initiatives raise community awareness. 

Luckily with the Smogmobile we have the perfect tools to do just that!

ET have already taken a number of booking enquiries for the Smogmobile for Clean Air Day 2022.

You can see Duncan Mounsor talk about how the Smogmobile monitored pollution for Westminster City Council and The Northbank BID in the video below.

DMN on Westminster vid

For more information on the Smogmobile, check out our brochure.

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