ET's manager for Scientific Applications puts our new demo Optical Extinct Analyser through it's paces!

Optical Extinction Analyser

We are excited to have received our demo Optical Extinction Analyser from new partners Nikira Labs in California. UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications Lewis John has been putting this new instrument through its paces in Manchester in anticipation of customer demonstrations.

Lewis was impressed by the ease of use and portability of the OEA, and we expect this innovative new way of measuring optical extinction and aerosol optical depth will garner a lot of interest. With cavity ring-down based technology built into a small, <8kg package, the Nikira Labs is sure to be of interest to field-based researchers!

OEA small Manchester 2

Optical extinction and aerosol optical depth are not only key measurement parameters for meteorologists, airports etc., these measurements also tie into and support measurements of airbourne particulate concentration, and air pollution models. Optical extinction is somewhat under-reported in the UK, but we hope the availability of a cutting-edge instrument like the Nikira Labs OEA will catalyse research into this important atmospheric parameter. 

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