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Tekran Hg Automated Sample Analysis System (Series 2600)

An automated sample analysis system of ultra-trace levels of total mercury in laboratory prepared environmental samples

Tekran Hg Mercury Vapour Primary Calibration Unit (Model 2505)

An ultra-precise and accurate closed-vessel, saturated gaseous mercury source

Tekran Hg Continuous Ultra-Trace Mercury Vapour Analyser (Model 2537x)

An accurate, precise and reliable analyser for continuous measurement of total gaseous mercury

Tekran Natural Gas Mercury Monitor (Model 2537Xi-NG)

A natural gas mercury monitor specifically designed to accommodate the analytical requirements for natural gas methods ASTM D6350 and ISO 6978

Tekran Elemental and Oxidised Mercury Generator (Model 3425)

An added, programmable calibration gas source that complements the standard calibration gas source already integrated inside the 3400 HgCEM

Tekran CH₃Hg⁺ Methyl Mercury Distillation System (Model 2750)

A compact and modular system, reducing the required bench top footprint and scaling to required sample throughput

Tekran CH₃Hg⁺ Automated Methyl Mercury Analysis System (Model 2700)

A system that gives analytical laboratories and researchers automated alternatives to time-consuming and complex manual EPA method 1630 techniques