Converter Efficiency Tester (Model 702H)

High Level suitable for CEMS

The Model 702H is a microprocessor-controlled system for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) production. The system is designed for automated conversion efficiency testing of NOX analyzers for continuous emissions monitoring. The 702H eliminates the need to use NO2 cylinders. This is advantageous since NO2 calibration gases may have limited shelf lives and this can affect the ability to pass the conversion efficiency requirement.

The source input requirements for the 702H are Nitrogen Oxide (NO) and dry ambient air. It is equipped with a stable, adjustable Ozone (O3) generator for production of NO2 using GPT (Gas Phase Titration). The principle of GPT is based on the rapid
gas-phase reaction between NO and O3 in the included, internal GPT chamber to produce stoichiometric quantities of NO2. The instrument includes two NO cylinder input ports so that converter efficiency can be checked at two different concentrations.


The servicing of calibration equipment depends largely on the usage. Calibration equipment used on a continual basis will require servicing 6 monthly, if not, every 12 months will be sufficient.

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