Mercury Vapor Primary Calibration Unit (Model 2505 )

The Tekran® Model 2505 Mercury Vapor Calibration Unit is an ultra-precise and accurate closed-vessel, saturated gaseous mercury source. The 2505 utilizes a thermoelectrically cooled mercury reservoir and dual temperature sensors calibrated against a US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable source producing exceptionally accurate Hg delivery. The mercury vapor is delivered manually using a high precision, digital gas tight syringe. The unit registers the reservoir temperature and calculates the amount of mercury in a user defined injection volume. The device is portable, operating from either 12 VDC or a standard wall outlet.

The Tekran® 2505 is the most advanced system for ultra low-level mercury vapor calibration, since NIST and other standards organizations have yet to provide the means, methods, or reference materials to assist with this type of measurement.


  • Advanced design contains an integral microprocessor, liquid crystal display (LCD) and keypad
  • Dual temperature sensors with a resolution of 0.001 OC
  • Thermoelectric cooler provides capability of withstanding high temperatures
  • Automatic calculation of the amount of mercury contained per unit volume at a given temperature
  • Three power options: 100-240 VAC, 12 VDC, or via internal battery (no active cooling)

The servicing of calibration equipment depends largely on the usage. Calibration equipment used on a continual basis will require servicing 6 monthly, if not, every 12 months maybe sufficient.

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