AeroExplorer Sampling Station

The AirPhoton AeroExplorer System measures aerosols in real-time using a 3 wavelength integrating Nephelometer as well as collecting and preserving the aerosols themselves for later analysis using a filter station. Aerosols sizes for sampling in either device can be selected using either standard inlets or cyclone inlets for a more sharply defined size cutoff. 

The aerosols collected for later analysis are preserved within a cartridge assembly. The cartridge can be configured to collect all samples on a single filter or to use a two stage filter which further divides the particles into fine and coarse size ranges. The cartridge is mailed intact for analysis virtually eliminating contamination issues.

*Please note* The AirPhoton Nephelometer and the Sampling Station are separate, stand alone products which can be combined together.

NEW FEATURES for 2023 
  • Monitoring by wind direction
  • Trace Gas Sampling Configuration

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