Model 4 OC-EC Field Analyser

Semi-Continuous OC-EC Field Analyser (Model 4)

The only commercially available field deployable OC/EC analyser with true laser-based pyrolysis correction and compatibility with accepted NIOSH 5040 methods.

The Sunset Laboratory model 4 Semi-Continuous OC/EC Field Analyser incorporates the latest advances in electronic and optical technology, along with an optimized oven and detector design for sensitive and reliable field operation. It has a reduced footprint, significantly reduced need for support gases, computer controlled flow system for enhanced sensitivity and fast analysis times and improved user access for simplified maintenance and service. Extensive testing of the basic design at several EPA super-sites has demonstrated excellent sensitivity and comparability with co-located integrated filter sampling systems.

Features include:

  • Small, light rack mountable design
  • Easy access panel for filter service and calibration
  • Analytical results comparable to NIOSH 5040
  • Analysis profiles easily selectable to match NIOSH, IMPROVE,STN or custom applications
  • Optimized photo detector and optical system
  • Time resolution as small as 30 minutes
  • and more...

Applications include:

  • Ambient air quality and environmental exposure measurements
  • Indoor air exposure assessment monitoring
  • Long-term environmental research such as studying the effectsof regulatory changes
  • NIOSH exposure assessments in the workplace

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