Real Driving Emissions from Opsis

To monitor real driving emissions (RDE) from vehicles is a challenge. The analyser must be fast, accurate and easy to install onto a regular vehicle. The OPSIS technology uses a beam of light to detect the concentration of gases. The monitoring system is placed on board the vehicle. The emissions from the exhaust pipe is led into the monitoring path where the measurement takes place. All relevant gases such as NO, NO2, NO3, CO, CO2, CH4 and THC can be measured with one system.

The system can run for several hours with a single 12V battery.

See the video on the Real Driving Emissions System from Opsis.


The OPSIS system has been tested and approved by a number of internationally recognized institutes and authorities. The system meets the European directives and is approved by German TÜV, British MCERTS and U.S. EPA among others. Full details are available on request.

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