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Droplet Measurement Technologies Ground-based Fog and Aerosol Spectrometer with Polarisation Detection (GFAS-DPOL)

A compact, robust, easily deployable revolutionary way to analyse haze and fog

Droplet Measurement Technologies Micro Pulse LiDAR

A reliable, sophisticated laser remote sensing system for remote atmospheric monitoring

Droplet Measurement Technologies Mini Micro Pulse LiDAR (MiniMPL)

A ground-based, optical, remote-sensing system designed to determine the altitude of clouds and to detect atmospheric aerosols

AirYX SkySpec

A low-effort, efficient and reliable telescope-spectrometer system for remote sensing of atmospheric particles and gas

Scentroid DR1000 Flying Laboratory

A fully capable flying laboratory, used to sample and analyse ambient air at heights of up to 150 metres above ground

Sunset Labs OC/EC Lab Aerosol Analyser (Model 5)

A carbon aerosol analyser that serves as the basis for NIOSH Method 5040 and is fully compliant with the IMPROVE and EUSAAR2 protocols

Sunset Labs Semi-Continuous OC/EC Field Analyser (Model 4)

A field deployable analyser for precise, accurate, time resolved measurement of particulate organic and elemental carbon (OC/EC)

Aero Laser H2O2 Continuous Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor (AL2021)

A H₂O₂ monitor with extraordinarily high sensitivity and a unique low detection limit of 100 ppt for gaseous samples and 100 ng/litre for liquid samples, respectively

Aero Laser CH2O Continuous Formaldehyde Monitor (Model AL4021)

A highly sensitive chemical analyser for continuous monitoring of formaldehyde