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University of Brighton poster showing initial results from multi-species Opsis Ambient DOAS System supplied and installed by ET

This poster highlights measurements for the criteria pollutants NO2, O3 and SO2 as well as for HONO (nitrous acid) and Formaldehyde, gases fundamentally important in understanding complex atmospheric processes.

Benefits of the Opsis DOAS system include the ability to measure NO2 “directly” (rather than by calculation by NOx-NO) and also to be able to measure “difficult” gases such as HONO and Formaldehyde on a continuous, hassle-free basis.

As well as providing fast, accurate and inherently reliable measurements, Opsis DOAS requires the absolute bare minimum of operator involvement, a quick wipe of the transceiver and reflector quartz windows once a month is about it!

Coupled with very low running costs, reduced calibration requirements and all the benefits of long-path remote sensing, Opsis DOAS is just one example of the cutting-edge measurement technology available from ET.

You can view the poster here.

Methane Monitoring

The methane produced by approx 35 cows was measured with the Los Gatos Research UGGA (Greenhouse Gas Analyser)  in the smogmobile. Wind speed and direction was also measured and taken into account.

If you require methane monitoring on your farm / site contact ET on 01453 733200



Monitoring in the rainforest biome of the Eden Project

We are pleased to be helping young people get interested in science by providing a Graywolf AdvancedSense to the Institute for Research in Schools. IRIS have set up the sensor in the rainforest biome of the Eden Project, where it will gather CO, NO2, O3, and SO2 data to be analysed by budding scientists at IRIS’ partner schools.

 Note the custom enclosure and mesh to keep the insects out!

Graywolf AdvancedSense Pro TOX

Smogmobile Experiment: Diesel versus petrol and petrol-hybrid

The Smogmobile followed each vehicle at a distance of roughly 15 metres as they drove up and back down Cowcombe Hill, near ET’s office in Stroud. As these time series graphs clearly show, the levels of NO2­ measured whilst following the diesel Land Rover were significantly higher than those seen while following one of our hybrid Mitsubishi 4x4s. This goes to prove that changing our engineer fleet of cars to the hybrid Mitsubishis was certainly a good move!”

Comparison Graphs

The Smogmobile Measures Southamptons Air for the BBC on Inside Out South

ETs smogmobile is out in Southampton again helping measure the amount of NO2 in the air from rush hour traffic.

Even though it's a wet blustery day, when typically levels would be low, levels of 200 ug per cubic meter upwards were found which if they were consistantly reached for a period of an hour or so, they would breach the UK guidelines values for NO2. ET's Air Quality expert, Duncan Mounsor, explains how people living in more congested areas are more at risk.

High NO2 in Stroud

We took our Smogmobile to Gloucester last Friday to measure air pollution around the local schools and major roads. Interestingly, we saw much higher levels of NO2 on the drive back through Stroud than anywhere in Gloucester. An NO2 concentration of 219 µg/m3 was recorded at the junction between Bath Road and Rodborough Hill in Stroud. This was far higher than any of the NO2 measurements in Gloucester, which peaked at 143 µg/m3 on the A38/Cole Ave. junction, and supports our previous findings that air pollution in certain areas of Stroud can be worse than in Gloucester.

NO2 in Stroud

Professional NO, NO2 and NOx monitoring equipment from ET

ET can supply a wide range of monitoring equipment for the measurement of NO, NO2 and NOx. In our latest brochure you will find the some of our professional standard options.

NO, NO2 and NOx Brochure

NOx Brochure

NO2 and CH4 levels in Gloucester

We drove our Smogmobile to the Gloucester Nissan garage on Friday afternoon for some routine maintenance, and saw some interesting results along the way. Predictably the NO2 levels were notably higher than in Stroud, peaking with a 1-minute average of 137 ppb (262 µg/m3) on Barnwood road. We also noticed an unusual methane spike on Eastern avenue, peaking at 3.5 ppm, 75% higher than the background concentration. It’s unclear whether this methane was coming from nearby businesses, vehicle exhausts, or something else entirely, but it was certainly an intriguing observation!

The T500U CAPS NO2 Analyser - Now with added MCERTS

In 2015 ET announced the availability of the latest technology in ambient and trace level NO2 measurement with the T500U CAPS (Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift) direct reading NO2 Analyser, capable of “true” NO2 measurements across the ranges 0-5ppb through to 1 ppm.

We are now very pleased to report that the T500 has acquired MCERTS certification.

Now, along with our standard NOx monitor the T200 and the Ulra-sensitive T200UP (with photolytic converter) ET can offer an alternative to Chemiluminescence for those requiring MCERTS certification.

Representing the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technology for the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide in air, the T500U CAPS measurement approach vastly reduces the amount of maintenance required whilst directly measuring NO2. Other benefits include, fast response, exceptional measurement sensitivity and low power consumption (80 Watts).

The T500 joins the Opsis System 300 open-path system (also sold by Enviro Technology) as one of only two non-chemiluminescent NO2 analyser techniques to receive UK ambient MCERTS certification.


ET upgrades the AURN with BAM1020 PM analysers

In March 2016, Bureau Veritas - in its role as Central Management and Co-ordination Unit of the UK Automatic Urban and Rural Network - on behalf of DEFRA, purchased a number of BAM1020 PM analysers from Enviro Technology Services for both PM10 & PM2.5 to replace existing TEOM analysers on the AURN under the ET trade-in offer, providing good value for money.

Sales Director, Mike Webley said, ET has been offering equipment trade-in for a number of years to Local Authorities, & we were pleased to offer a similar contract to the national network.

BAM 1020

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