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Next generation monitoring equipment and systems for the measurement of urban pollutants



MCERTS Approved systems for CEM and process control

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Specialising in greenhouse gas measurement technology for atmospheric chemistry, climate change, earth science and agricultural research applications

Enviro Technology Services - An overview

Air Quality Monitoring and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for Local Authorities, Universities / Research Institutions and Industry.

You can view the full length version of this video including excerpts from Professor Frank Kelly, Kings College London and others here.

Product News

AQSafe Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Monitoring potential indoor air quality hazards has never been easier.


The AirQualifier (model EDM 264)

The EDM264 is the optimal solution for both short- and long-term, mobile measurements in outdoor areas and at production sites.


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Ammonia – a toxic modern day pollutant

As one of the most toxic modern day pollutants, Ammonia emissions are an increasingly active area of research.

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