Systems Integration

What is Systems Integration?

Systems integration involves the combination of multiple analysers and ancillary items such as calibration and communication systems  into a single centralised system. Not only is the professional integration of the real-time analytical, calibration and communications technology essential in the design and supply of an air quality monitoring or CEMS system, but also the size, spec, layout and design of the enclosure or shelter that the equipment needs to be installed within it is equally important.

Enviro Technology is a world-renowned systems integrator, providing clients with a range of standard or bespoke monitoring systems from roadside enclosures and walk-in enclosures through to vehicle-based monitoring laboratories and CEM systems.

Key Benefits of Systems Integration

Professional systems integration ensures that the monitoring station or CEMS system is perfectly designed for the specific monitoring application and the environmental and climate conditions that it will operate in, wherever it will be installed in the world.

Not only will this ensure that the operational lifetime of the equipment is optimised, and the expensive and high-precision equipment is both protected from the elements, but that it will also continue to perform within specifications year in, year and producing high quality data that can be relied upon.

The key benefits include:

  • Tailored solutions: complete and bespoke air quality monitoring network built around your exact needs
  • Single point of access to a wealth of air monitoring information
  • Expert technical advice drawing on our decades of experience
  • Continuous, quantitative and selective measurement of parameters such as HCl, HF, H2O, CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, CH4, NH3, N2O, H2CO, O2 and VOCs
  • High stability, accuracy and reliability through combining advanced technologies and components

What to expect with ET’s System Integration service?

Comprehensive Assessment

A thorough assessment of your existing systems, including an examination of hardware, software, and any other components to identify integration opportunities and potential challenges.

Expert Technical Advice

Drawing on our decades of experience, our engineers will provide technical advice, offering insights and recommendations that are customised to address your specific business needs.

Calibration and Commissioning

ET’s expert engineers ensure precise calibration and commissioning guarantee that your air monitoring equipment operates effectively from day one. 

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our ongoing service and maintenance support provides you with peace of mind that your air monitoring systems are performing effectively. 

User Training and Support

ET can provide user training to ensure that you and your team are well-equipped to use the integrated systems.

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