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Air monitoring solutions for the scientific & research sector

Enviro Technology Services offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of customers in the scientific and research sector. With over 25 years of pioneering leadership in air quality, trace gas monitoring, remote sensing, real-time metals analysis, and more, we recognise the growing demand for dependable and innovative solutions that deliver swift and precise data, even in challenging field conditions.

Our carefully curated portfolio of monitoring technology reflects a deep understanding of user requirements. We not only provide cutting-edge analytical equipment but also offer the support of a dedicated team of experts and product specialists. They are always ready to offer guidance and engage in discussions about specific applications.

We provide research-grade analytical equipment to the scientific and academic communities for research applications such as climate change and trace gases monitoring. Our services include: data management, training, Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) solutions, local site operation, installation and commissioning, systems integration and service contracts.

Working in partnership to deliver scientific excellence

As a trusted partner in the scientific and research sector, we provide advanced and customised solutions for precise data collection and analysis, guiding you toward excellence in research and scientific applications.

Popular products

Los Gatos Research (LGR)

Browse our range of ABB Los Gatos Research (LGR) high performance analysers for the measurement of trace gases, greenhouse gases and stable isotopes.

CVAS Mercury monitors

Explore our CVAS Mercury Monitors, designed for high-performance mercury vapor analysis.

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