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ET are pleased to introduce the NEW T200P Photolytic NO2/NO/NOx Analyser with patented high efficiency Blue Light Converter (BLC), also known as a photolytic converter.

The T200P is based on the standard T200 analyser but uses a photolytic LED array BLC converter to convert NO2 to NO rather than a traditional catalytic (stainless steel) or chemical reagent (molybdenum) based converter.

This may sound a bit complicated, but what does it mean in practice?

Being far more “specific” (and therefore with less measurement uncertainty) means that NO2 measurements are made more accurately and precisely than from regular chemiluminescent NOx analysers which are known to overestimate NO2 by up over 50% in some applications.

And as the T200P also measures NO, then users have the best of both worlds, precise and accurate NO measurements with enhanced NO2 measurement performance.

Perfect for roadside and urban background sites, especially those that are close to, or exceed the annual NO2 limit value of 40 µg/m3.

And if “true” direct NO2 measurement is what you are looking for, and don’t necessarily need the NO channel, then check out our most advanced NO2 analyser, the MCERTS approved T500U CAPS analyser.

For more information on the T200P (or any other of our NO2 and NOx analysers) call ET on 01453 733200 to speak to one of our specialists or download our handy NOx analyser comparison brochure at


The T500U CAPS NO2 Analyser - Now with added MCERTS

In 2015 ET announced the availability of the latest technology in ambient and trace level NO2 measurement with the T500U CAPS (Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift) direct reading NO2 Analyser, capable of “true” NO2 measurements across the ranges 0-5ppb through to 1 ppm.

We are now very pleased to report that the T500 has acquired MCERTS certification.

Now, along with our standard NOx monitor the T200 and the Ulra-sensitive T200UP (with photolytic converter) ET can offer an alternative to Chemiluminescence for those requiring MCERTS certification.

Representing the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technology for the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide in air, the T500U CAPS measurement approach vastly reduces the amount of maintenance required whilst directly measuring NO2. Other benefits include, fast response, exceptional measurement sensitivity and low power consumption (80 Watts).

The T500 joins the Opsis System 300 open-path system (also sold by Enviro Technology) as one of only two non-chemiluminescent NO2 analyser techniques to receive UK ambient MCERTS certification.


ET upgrades the AURN with BAM1020 PM analysers

In March 2016, Bureau Veritas - in its role as Central Management and Co-ordination Unit of the UK Automatic Urban and Rural Network - on behalf of DEFRA, purchased a number of BAM1020 PM analysers from Enviro Technology Services for both PM10 & PM2.5 to replace existing TEOM analysers on the AURN under the ET trade-in offer, providing good value for money.

Sales Director, Mike Webley said, ET has been offering equipment trade-in for a number of years to Local Authorities, & we were pleased to offer a similar contract to the national network.


We all love summer


At Enviro Technology Services Plc we pride ourselves on supplying top end, quality products to a market that requires accurate data for research projects using traditional reference methods of measurement. However, we do of course recognise that there are other opportunities for more indicative, cost effective solutions needed for certain applications.

For example: We all love the summer but there are a few downs sides to the wonderful weather that we need to be aware of.

Have you ever considered the health impacts of Barbequing for instance? It’s yet another form of air pollution and if you live in an area already suffering the effects of heavy traffic, like London, then seemingly small acts like barbequing can contribute considerably, especially when done in concentration.

For comparison, a recent study in the states noted that a diesel-engine lorry would have to drive 10 miles to produce the same amount of pm2.5 particles as a single char grilled burger.  (Researchers at the University of California)


Barbecuing is banned in many London Parks now as a result of local residents complaining of health related issues attributed to large numbers of people barbecuing in parks nearby on warm days. Research has shown a huge increase in PM2.5 levels when this occurs.

Of course there are other contributing factors to increases in particle matter in the air, including waste transfer stations, build-up of traffic outside schools during drop off and pick up and construction dust from residential developments, the list goes on.

Enviro Technology is offering the perfect solution for those needing to measure PM2.5 , PM10 or TSP particles from such situations - 
The Neighborhood Monitor from Met One.

It’s a simple, affordable, wireless solution. The purchase price includes everything you need:

  • Hardware
  • Sim cards
  • 3 years web access

All you need to do is turn it on.

Below is an example of a typical cloud application showing location, tabulated data and charts.
(Data output can be tailored to your needs)

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