Keep your indoor spaces healthy with ET’s range of handheld CO2 monitors

Ideal for assessing the efficiency of your ventilation system.

Never has it been more important to make sure the air we breathe is of good quality. In 2020 we’ve all been spending a significant amount of time indoors and going into the winter months, this will increase significantly.

It’s a well known fact that the quality of the air inside a building effects our health. Pollutants from synthetic materials used in the construction process can be one factor in newer buildings, whilst outdoor pollutants such as vehicle exhaust, pesticides and factory emissions can make their way inside, making what could already be a polluted environment, even worse. Spending time in areas with poor quality air like this can lead to headaches and fatigue, in more extreme cases higher concentrations can cause nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Now, with COVID-19 transmission a concern in shared spaces such as schools or work-places, good ventilation has come to the forefront in terms of H&S.

Because CO2 is a result of human metabolism (as well as the burning of fosil fuels), Monitoring concentration levels is useful in determining whether adequate fresh air is being supplied to a space.

ET can offer a suite of products for the measurement of CO2 and other indoor pollutants including VOCs, CO, O3, NH3, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2 and many others.

With the GrayWolf AdvancedSense and DirectSense IAQ products you can measure ventilation rates (CO2 and airflow) and key specific pollutants (e.g. VOCs, CO, O3, NH3, NO2, HCHO. A choice of 20+ gases), as well as particulate, pollutant pathways (DP) and more.

DirectSense II probes incorporate plug-and-play sensors of up to 8 in one probe, allowing you to easily adapt to changing IAQ requirements and now come with wifi on-board!

High performance, fast response instruments that allow you to identify potential IAQ issues before they become a problem.

For more information on the full range of products for monitoring IAQ see our website. or contact us to speak to a specialist.    01453 733200

You can learn more about Indoor Air Quality from this useful beginner's guide produced by Mitsubishi Electric and BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) A beginner's guide to indoor air quality

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