Particulate Monitoring for Transport Infrastructure Projects

At ET we recognise that the need for accurate measurement of real-time airborne PM10, PM2.5, & TSP particulate concentration levels in order to understand and minimise emissions from a number of applications.

The ES642 Remote Dust Monitor is the perfect solution.

Local Authorities, Central Government, Planners, Developers and others will benefit from its ability to measure real-time airborne particulate concentration levels using the principle of forward laser light scatter.

Housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure, this low cost industrial air-quality sensor can provide accurate measurements of particle concentration in both indoor and outdoor environments. The LCD display allows instant visibility of the particulate concentration, flow rate, instrument status and power.

In addition, its low power and maintenance requirements makes it well suited to long-term, unattended deployments.

Perfect for OEM Integration.

The ES642 is MCERTS Approved for Indicative monitoring.

ES642 MCERTSfor web

With 100’s in operation throughout the UK, we consider this one of the most popular, indicative PM monitors on the market today.

Other typical applications suited to the ES642 Remote Dust Monitor

  • Major scheme air quality assessments
  • Construction and demolition fence-line monitoring
  • Emission and air quality impact assessment of
    managed motorways
  •  Aggregates, quarries & mining
  •  LEZ and LES feasibility studies for UK cities
  •  Emission tools for road, rail, air & shipping
  •  Emission modelling and inventories

If you require a reliable, accurate and rugged PM monitor for indoor and outdoor use, put the ES642 at top of your list.

ET can also supply the following MCERTS approved & equivalent monitors for the measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP.

The NEW BAM-1020 with Remote Desktop and Touch Screen Display

  • More than 20,000 sold Worldwide, unsurpassed accuracy with low cost of operation.
  • MCERTS Sira MC130237/03 for PM2.5
  • MCERTS Sira MC100185/01 for PM10

E-Sampler Laser Backscatter Particulate Monitor

  • Dual technology with unequalled real time measurement of light scatter with the accuracy standard of filter methods
  • MCERTS Sira MC130241/01

E-BAM Beta Attenuation Particulate Monitor

  • Accurate, battery operated, real-time monitoring deployable in 15 minutes.
  • Portable version of the MCERTS Approved BAM-1020

You can read more about the ES642 here.

Or view our brochure to see our full range of particulate monitors and Samplers.

To discuss your requirements contact one of ET’s team of specialists.

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