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Enviro Technology Services (ET)  is a world-leading supplier and service provider of real-time instrumentation and bespoke ‘turn-key’ environmental monitoring systems for the measurement of air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Founded in 1983 as an independent company, we joined the Cura Terrae group in December 2022.

Cura Terrae is a collection of forward-thinking environmental companies dedicated to making the world a better place for people and the planet. 

The Cura Terrae Group companies:

Ecus Ltd
  Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd  EnviroCare   Enviro Technology Services Ltd

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and technical expertise of all things related to air pollution monitoring. It is this expertise, gathered over almost four decades of practical knowledge that enables us to advise upon the wide range of different applications that our instruments are used for and to help our local authority, university/research and industrial clients alike solve their specific air monitoring problems.

We are far more than just equipment suppliers.

We have expertise in systems design and integration as well as setting the standards in terms of our service and support throughout the UK and overseas.

Our main client sectors

Other Sectors

Over the past three decades ET has worked with hundreds of clients from a wide and diverse number of sectors both in the UK and overseas. In fact, it never ceases to amaze us the variety of applications that clients require real-time gas or particulate measurement for, with new ones we have never heard of before becoming more and more common. Aside from our “traditional” core business of ambient air quality and CEMS, we have products and technology available for:

  • Trace gas monitoring
  • Eddy-flux covariant monitoring
  • Stable isotope monitoring
  • Medium and high altitude monitoring (instruments on aircraft)
  • Soil and vegetation flux monitoring (greenhouse gases and chambers)
  • Remote sensing including DOAS and LIDAR
  • Ship emissions monitoring
  • Vehicle emissions monitoring
  • Indoor air quality and occupation exposure monitoring
  • Particulate composition analysis (real-time)

 Our team of experienced product specialists can provide expert advice on how best to measure whichever gas or pollutant you need to, and can provide second-to-none application support.


ET has always focused on bringing to market innovative solutions for air quality monitoring.  Its product range has been carefully developed to remain true to its founding principle of offering the very best in available monitoring technology.

Our Air Quality Monitoring Vehicle (aka smogmobile) is a prime example. A sophisticated, zero emission, mobile air quality monitoring laboratory. Fitted with next generation, state-of-the-art instruments, AQMV can measure pollutants and greenhouse gases in real time both inside and outside the vehicle, whilst stationary or on the move. Click here to find out more.

ET is committed to quality, health & safety and the environment

ET operates within a BSI audited Integrated Management System (IMS) that includes.

ISO 9001 (Quality), EH 18001 (Health & Safety) & ISO 14001 (Environmental)


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