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Air conditioning systems are an important part of many air quality monitoring systems. However, whilst the monitoring equipment generally always recieves regular service and maintenance, quite often the A/C units do not.

It is very important to have air conditioning units serviced thoroughly on a 6 monthly  basis for reliable continued operation of the air monitoring station. Analysers are susceptible to high temperatures and if run for prolonged periods of time with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, the analysers will develop faults and can cause significant damage. It is not recommended for analysers to run continuously at above above 35 degrees centrigrade.

A few tips to keep your A/C in tip top condition.

Tip.1 - The air conditioner isn't cooling and the air flow is reduced - The unit is probably iced up, turn the unit if for a few hours to defrost.

Tip.2 - Using the air conditioner with the thermostat on maximum isn't usually necessary; an enclosure temp of 25oC is cool enough for most analysers, over cooling wastes energy costs.

Tip.3 - Regular servicing of the air conditioner will ensure the unit performs efficiently and reduces energy costs.

Tip.4 - Poor cooling is often caused by the heat exchanger (condenser) becoming blocked with dust and debris.

Tip.5 - If the unit is making strange noises or not cooling, turn the unit off. Running the unit when it has lost its refrigerant will damage the compressor

Tip. 6 - Before you call for assistance please check the air conditioner is in cooling mode and any plugs are pushed fully in.

At ET we can provide A/C service as a service contract option.

Alternatively, if you don't have a service contract with us you can  book a A/C service as a stand alone service.

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