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    High NO2 in Stroud

    We took our Smogmobile to Gloucester last Friday to measure air pollution around the local schools and major roads. Interestingly, we saw much higher levels of NO2 on the drive back through Stroud than anywhere in Gloucester. An NO2 concentration of 219 µg/m3 was recorded at the junction between Bath Road and Rodborough Hill in Stroud. This was far higher than any of the NO2 measurements in Gloucester, which peaked at 143 µg/m3 on the A38/Cole Ave. junction, and supports our previous findings that air pollution in certain areas of Stroud can be worse than in Gloucester.

    NO2 in Stroud

    Professional NO, NO2 and NOx monitoring equipment from ET

    ET can supply a wide range of monitoring equipment for the measurement of NO, NO2 and NOx. In our latest brochure you will find the some of our professional standard options.

    NO, NO2 and NOx Brochure

    NOx Brochure

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