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    The Smogmobile: A Collaboration between the GSMA and the Royal Borough of Greenwich

    Back in July this year the Smogmobile was busy helping GSMA and The Royal Borough of Greenwich measure the roadside air quality every minute as it was driven around Greenwich for eight days during two consecutive weeks.

    The Smogmobile was used as an experiment to see how a large number of small mobile sensors could potentially map weather and traffic data to understand the causes and fluctuations in air pollution, as oppsoed to the small number of larger fixed AQ stations currently used.

    Read the full article here.

    ET checks out the new Opsis ‘Real Driving Emissions’ (RDE) on-vehicle testing system

    ET’s very own Mike Webley road tests the NEW Opsis RDE (Real Driving Emissions) System in Sweden.

    Since the VW ‘Dieselgate’ story broke a few years ago, vehicle emissions have been top of the political agenda. No longer can manufacturers get away with testing in controlled laboratories. Tests are now required in real life, on the road conditions.

    With this is mind, Opsis, one of ET’s longest standing suppliers of fast response multi-gas monitoring for air quality and stack emissions have furthered their emissions monitoring portfolio with a system for super fast monitoring ‘on vehicle’ exhaust emissions (CO2, NO and NO2 can also be configured to measure CO, CH4 and even formaldehyde). With easy set up and installation it certainly rivals traditional methods.

    For more information on the impressive new RDE system, contact Mike Webley on 01453 733200 or email sales@et.co.uk

    Methane emissions from cattle are 11% higher than estimated

    The Guardian recently reported that emissions from the greenhouse gas Methane (from livestock), are bigger than previously thought, due to out-of-date data. View the full story here.

    Monitoring of methane emissions is crucial when it comes to fighting climate change.

    At ET we conducted our own Methane monitoring studies at a diary farm near our offices earlier this year with a Los Gatos Research  UGGA (greenhouse gas analyser) where we discovered levels peaked at 4ppm at certain times, double the ambient background level.

    For more information on the LGR Greenhouse Gas analyser (UGGA) view our product page or call us for more information on 01453 733200.

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