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    Celebrating Clean Air Day by monitoring NO2 on the way to work..

    Happy ‘Clean Air Day’ everyone! ET encouraged all office based employees to be as environmental friendly as possible on their journey to work today.
    Sales Director, Mike Webley walked to walk, with the NEW ET NO2 SmogBox and measured the air quality on his way in to the office, completing a 2 mile stretch in total. The first mile is through residential streets, where pollution levels are low, but the subsequent mile is along the busy A419 road, which has considerably higher pollution levels. Mike says, “Normally when I work to walk, for the 2nd mile I normally walk along the Thames and Severn canal, which is away from the road and the pollution, but today with our SmogBox, I wanted to demonstrate the use of pollution monitoring equipment and how these real time DEFRA MCERTS approved equipment can provide good scientific data.


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