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    Super-fast kerbside air pollution and vehicle screening investigations with the AirYX ICAD NO2/NOx analyser

    Diagram of how it works

    The highly portable, high-precision, super-fast AirYX ICAD NO2/NOx analyser is all you need for vehicle based, or kerbside air pollution and vehicle screening investigations.

    Using patented ICAD measurement technology (Iterative cavity enhanced DOAS), and packed in a small, rugged case capable of being powered from portable power packs in the field (or in a vehicle), the AirYX ICAD NO2/NOx analyser is fast becoming the measurement choice of some of the world’s leading researchers into vehicle emissions monitoring.

    The super-fast, direct NO2 measurement (and optional simultaneous measurement of CO2) makes the instrument perfectly suited to ‘plume-chasing’ applications as well as for kerbside measurements, where the small, compact analyser can be set-up in minutes running from 12V portable power packs.

    The ICAD monitoring technique is unique in as much as it does not require regular calibration with gas cylinders, and it is insensitive to interference from other gases.

    Perfect therefore for field and portable applications.

    When installed within a suitable waterproof cabinet, the instrument can be left to operate unattended, and communications are via LAN/Ethernet/Wi-Fi to a laptop PC, tablet or router.

    Full details on the ET website:

    NO2 / NOx / NO ICAD IN SITU MONITOR AirYX (et.co.uk)

    NO2 / NOx / NO ICAD IN SITU MONITOR AirYX (et.co.uk)

    For further information please contact one of ET’s product specialists today: sales@et.co.uk Tel: 01453 733200 www.et.co.uk

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