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    Enviro Technology Services (ET) signs with Nikira Labs to offer Open-Path Extinction Analysers (OEAs) – the next generation instruments for visibility and aerosol studies.


    ET, the UK’s leading supplier of environmental monitoring technology has teamed up with Silicon Valley based Nikira Labs to offer next-generation, highly portable optical extinction analysers for a wide range of visibility and aerosol monitoring applications.

    The OEA-532 measures optical extinction and visibility in air with unprecedented accuracy, it combines open-path cavity ringdown measurements with a patented self-referencing system resulting in high precision, minimal sample handling and little or no drift.

    Weighing in at only 7.7 kg and measuring just 49 cm x 33 cm x 18 cm, it is built into a rugged, water-resistant Pelican case, making it highly portable and supremely versatile.

    And with low power consumption of just 35 Watts, the OEA-532 can run on battery power for extended periods in the field where mains power may not always be available. The instrument features onboard data storage for more than 2-years of continuous data and data can be accessed via USB or remotely via a cellular modem.

    The single wavelength (532 nm) OEA-532 is available in two formats, 1-Hz (standard) or the super-fast 10-Hz version for Eddy Covariance applications (model OEA-532EC).

    Applications are many and include airports, highways, tunnels, military, air quality, air pollution, aerosol research, national parks, forest areas, volcanic areas, clean rooms and semiconductor fab and research.

    ET’s Managing Director Duncan Mounsor, and Nikira Labs CEO Rupal Gupta are both excited about this positive collaboration, and Duncan concludes by saying “ET is all about brining innovative technology to market, and the advanced and compact Nikira Labs OEA-532 fits perfectly into our portfolio of instruments aimed primarily at aerosol researchers and earth/environmental scientists. There is also crossover into other sectors such as airports and highways, and ET is well placed to serve all of these areas”.

    ET’s agreement with Nikira Labs is for sales in the UK and Ireland as well as other selected territories.

    For further information contact the ET Sales team today on +44 1 (0)1453 733200 or email sales@et.co.uk

    Optical Extinction Analyser (OEA-532) (et.co.uk)



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