Where’s My Data?

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Somewhere, in an innocuous looking, typically green, roadside enclosure near you, instruments will be humming away, sucking in ambient air, analysing it and recording data - day and night, week after week, year after year. But nobody is interested in that, are they? Just as long as the data keeps flowing.

Meanwhile, miles away in an office somewhere and with coffee in hand, you or your data manager, sit in front of a computer screen, browse to a website and review a graph or numbers in a table – or maybe instead of a website, a few additional keystrokes result in those hidden instruments being interrogated remotely. Either way, your air quality data appears onscreen and its looking good. You smile and move on to your next task of the day.

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But what will you do if one day, like a tap running dry, your vital data suddenly stops streaming in? Who would be the first to notice? You? Your community? Local activists? What would they have to say if the outage wasn’t resolved immediately? Suppose it happened during a high pollution incident - in a location of significant community interest? Would they think you’re hiding something? How difficult could they make things for you?

The instrumentation supplying your air quality data is very likely, right at the back of your mind. As long as the data streams in reliably and continuously, there’s no reason to give them any consideration, is there? But when the tap turns off, the screen goes blank and the phone starts ringing, where do you turn?

ET sees air quality monitoring from a different perspective. We understand that when you buy air quality monitoring instruments or a service and maintenance contract from us, you’re actually buying data and peace of mind. This is why we only supply the best, most reliable and independently certified instruments; fully supported by a regionally-based team of factory-trained service engineers with over 250 years of collective experience.

We know that if you get the basics right, your data will be too. So, if you’ve invested in proven, certified, monitoring equipment, your defensible data will not only keep flowing but if the worst should happen and the data tap turns off, your service and maintenance contract with ET means that you simply pick up the phone or drop us an email and an ET expert will be there to turn it on again.

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