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    ET enjoys a level of normality as the end of the year sees a return to some live conferences and exhibitions.

    Exhibition logos

    The last quarter of the year is always a busy period for ET’s sales and marketing department with a host of specialist air quality related conferences to attend. Following a quiet year for exhibitions in 2020, in the latter part of 2021 we are really pleased to be able to go back to at least partial normality by attending some live events again. These were mixed in with some virtual events where circumstances dictated that proceeding online was the safer option for all those involved.

    Here are some of our 2021 conference highlights:

    Conference image 1a     
    Conference images 2D  
    Conference image 3D  
    Conference image 4b  
    Conference image 5D  
    Conference image 6D  
    Conference image 7C  
    Conference image 8D

    ET attends Race to Zero events and COP26 Gloucestershire ahead of COP26.

    Race to Zero UWE

    Never one to miss out on an opportunity to spread the word about the importance air quality has on climate change, the Smogmobile has been lucky to visit two of our local Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour events last month.

    These events which were running the breadth of the UK aimed to support businesses in reaching net zero carbon emissions no matter where they are at on their journey, in the run up to COP26 in Glasgow in early November.

    At these events, workshops were run to help businesses feel confident in their first steps towards a net zero commitment by identifying the businesses main emission sources and ways to cut them.

    The first event we attended was at UWE Frenchay Campus in Bristol at their impressive modern facility.

    ET were happy to get involved when contacted by James Longhurst, Professor of Environmental Science and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability at UWE. The Smogmobile monitored air quality next to the zero carbon bus throughout the event and attracted some interest.

    Wide angle view at UWE of tour bus and Smogmobile copy2

    We then joined the Planet Mark team at another of their tour stops at the University of Gloucester in Cheltenham where ET MD, Duncan Mounsor added his own message to the leaders of COP26 when asked “What is your message to the leaders at COP26 for a brighter future?” 

    His response – 

    “Poor air quality kills >40,000 people in the UK every year and millions worldwide. Most air pollution is caused by combustion of fossil fuel. Reduce combustion emissions = Reduce poor air quality”

    We also attended COP26 Gloucestershire - a fringe event at the Active Building Centre in Berkeley where they discussed issues ranging from leadership on the green agenda, the role of the public sector in reaching net zero, to the need for green skills, and how the UK’s construction industry needs to adapt or wither.

    COP26 Glos banner

    COP26 Glos conf copy

    Accurately monitor methane emissions with highly sensitive portable and rackmount analysers from ABB / LGR.

    Methane analysers

    Methane (CH4) is a relatively prominent component of the atmosphere, with a global average concentration of 1.8 parts-per-million, a 2.5-fold increase since pre-industrial levels. The processes involved in the release, transportation, and removal of methane from Earth’s atmosphere are complex, and form an important part of the global carbon cycle.

    Methane can be a direct hazard in situations where workers and local residents are at danger of elevated levels causing combustion, but more pressing concerns are attributed to methane’s significant contribution to global warming. As a potent greenhouse gas, methane is very effective at trapping heat. Methane eventually breaks down naturally in the troposphere, yielding CO2 and water vapour, both of which also contribute to the greenhouse effect.

    In addition to its climate impacts, methane also affects air quality because it is an ingredient in the formation of ground level (tropospheric) ozone, a dangerous air pollutant.

    Considering all these factors, having the capability to accurately measure CH4 has never been more important.

    Luckily, Enviro Technology are able to provide a wide variety of CH4 instrumentation to suit almost any application.

    Our suite of ABB-LGR Off-AXIS ICOS (Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy) analysers allow for extreme sensitivity whilst being rugged, and insensitive to temperature changes, shocks, and vibration. Additionally, the optics can also be easily serviced without any special tools or training.

    Suited to any application, the Off-AXIS ICOS analyser range come in four configurations:

    • Microportable

    • Ultraportable

    • Rackmount

    • Enhanced performance rackmount

    Ideal for, but not limited to, field studies such as:

    • Soil flux measurements

    • Greenhouse gas monitoring

    • Natural gas leak detection

    ABB / LGR microportable, Ultraportable, rackmount and enhanced rackmount analysers are available in the UK and Ireland from Enviro Technology Services Ltd.

    More information on methane, the importance of measuring it and our range of methane analysers, can be found on our Methane air pollution factsheet here.

    Methane image

    Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a specialist about your exact requirements, call ET on 01453 733200.

    ET launches US gas analyser giant, Teledyne API’s new range of N-series analysers to the UK market at Routes to Clean Air.


    ET are pleased to offer to the UK and Ireland market, the latest range of continuous gas analysers from US manufacturers of precision air quality and industrial gas monitoring instrumentation, Teledyne API.

    N200 with ET logo at angle copy

    At this year's Routes to Clean Air conference in Bristol our team were delighted to be able to display an N200 Chemiluminescence NOx/NO2/NO analyser on the stand.

    Our long-standing relationship with Teledyne API dates back over 30 years. ET’s proud to say it’s a relationship built on trust, success and a common goal; ‘to provide the most reliable and best value-for-money gas analysers on the market, and to support them for life’

    ET can confirm the N-series product line has been successfully designed to meet the expected rigorous demands of a reference method analyser with a simplified and maintenance-friendly architecture to ensure ease of use.

    Power saving

    As well as improved reliability and enhanced diagnostic features, real world test results show the new N Series platform makes the same precise measurements whilst offering considerable power savings (compared to T-series instruments) thanks to an all-new DC architecture.

    Intuitive operation 

    All N-series products achieve intuitive operation and calibration through the NumaView™ Software interface which also allows access to the instrument’s large internal data storage buffer from a remote PC or tablet.

    The customisable graphical user interface (GUI) gives the user fast and efficient access to instrument status whilst allowing the user to control what they see and what it brings to their attention as well as measurement data and diagnostic parameters in either numeric or graphical form.


    N-series instruments are reliable and accurate, providing high data quality with low cost of ownership. This can be achieved with the complete range of Teledyne API ambient air quality monitoring instruments, which are backed by a standard 2-year warranty.

    Further benefits:

    •  Established supplier with over 30 years industry experience.

    •  2-year standard manufacturer’s warranty.

    •  Instruments widely used in over 110 countries.

    •  Exceptional product and application technical support.

    •  A stringent Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

    •  Leading-edge technology combined with proven measuring principles and dedicated after-sales support.


    The TAPI N-series range is pending TuV and MCERTS approval.

    For more information on any of the N-series instruments from Teledyne API available from Enviro Technology Services (Official distributors for Teledyne products in the UK & Ireland) on 01453 733200 or email sales@et.co.uk or via our website www.et.co.uk

    ET's manager for Scientific Applications puts our new demo Optical Extinct Analyser through it's paces!

    Optical Extinction Analyser

    We are excited to have received our demo Optical Extinction Analyser from new partners Nikira Labs in California. UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications Lewis John has been putting this new instrument through its paces in Manchester in anticipation of customer demonstrations.

    Lewis was impressed by the ease of use and portability of the OEA, and we expect this innovative new way of measuring optical extinction and aerosol optical depth will garner a lot of interest. With cavity ring-down based technology built into a small, <8kg package, the Nikira Labs is sure to be of interest to field-based researchers!

    OEA small Manchester 2

    Optical extinction and aerosol optical depth are not only key measurement parameters for meteorologists, airports etc., these measurements also tie into and support measurements of airbourne particulate concentration, and air pollution models. Optical extinction is somewhat under-reported in the UK, but we hope the availability of a cutting-edge instrument like the Nikira Labs OEA will catalyse research into this important atmospheric parameter. 

    Contact ET for information on 01453 733200  or email us at sales@et.co.uk


    Christmas has come early with 10% off Zephyr Air Quality Sensors until October 29th 2021!

    Zephyr Promotion October 2021

    That's right, ET are knocking 10% off Zephyr Air Quality Sensors sales throughout October 2021.

    The offer is valid for the first 100 units sold up to and including October 29th.

    To learn more about the Zephyr Air Quality Sensor see our product page here.

    Contact ET today to claim your 10% discount.

    01453 733200    sales@et.co.uk

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