ET Scientific application specialist travels to Stellenbosch University to train scientists on the ABB / LGR Triple Liquid Water Isotope Analyser.

Lewis John training Dr. Janine Colling and Volante Moonsamy at Stellenbosch University

It’s not often any of our Sales team get to go to such a scenic location to train a customer on one of our products but on this occasion, they certainly did!

ET’s Scientific Applications Sales Manager, Lewis John and MD, Duncan Mounsor set off for sunny South Africa in early April this year following an order for an ABB / LGR Triple Liquid Water Isotope Analyser from BIOGRIP (Biogeochemistry Research Infrastructure Platform) at Stellenbosch University.

The BIOGRIP facility at the university provides access to advanced analytical techniques and instruments for water and soil research to clients in industry and research institutions. It also provides post-graduate students the opportunity to be trained to operate the equipment.

Lewis trained Dr. Janine Colling, a scientist based at the University and Volante Moonsamy, Junior Analyst at BIOGRIP over the three days he was there.

Dr. Janine Colling, Lewis John, Volante Moonsamy and PHD student
Their procurement of the TLWIA is a significant development in water isotope research. The vast majority of existing research in this area has been done in the Northern hemisphere, so there are many unknowns with regards to isotopic compositions and transport mechanisms in the Southern hemisphere water cycle, and lots of novel research to be done. Janine is one of very few researchers in SA to have access to a water isotope analyser that can measure δ17O, this is due to the advantage of the unique Off-Axis ICOS cavity design.

The TLWIA will be available for internal research, but also for Masters / PhD student projects, and commercial analysis for clients along with other high-end isotope instruments in their new laboratory.

The TLWIA will be a profitable tool for Stellenbosch University, with its low running costs, minimal need for maintenance, and high rate of sample throughput. These are specific advantages to the LGR TLWIA that make it a very desirable acquisition for commercial laboratories and research institutes alike.

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