ET help Leominster to enjoy improved air quality

Paul Norman (ET) with Herefordshire Council representatives.

Herefordshire has two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) due to higher levels of nitrogen dioxide, exceeding national standards (40μg/m3).

ET have supplied a new Air Quality Monitoring Station in Bargates, Leominster to help mitigate the problem.

The work included all project management, installation & commissioning, together with a 3-year fully inclusive service and data collection contract.

Picture left shows (left to right): Paul Norman (ET) and Herefordshire Council representatives: Councillor Ange Tyler (Housing, Regulatory Services and Community), Marc Willimont (Head of Public Protection) and Charles Yarnold (Environmental Health Service Manager) at the new air quality monitoring station in Bargates, Leominster.

The station will provide the council with real-time data of NO2 levels, PM10 and PM2.5 which can help identify actions to improve air quality and provide additional data on other pollutants.

Cllr Ange Tyler, Cabinet member for Housing, Regulatory Services and Community, said “By allowing more accurate measuring of air pollution, the new monitoring station will help us to identify areas of concern, improve the success rate of grant submissions, and ensure there is robust data on which to base medium to long term decisions and assess the impacts of our various initiatives.”

This work follows ET's upgrade of an existing automatic monitoring station on Victoria Street in Hereford last year.

You can read the full press release here.

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