Zero Air System (Model T701)

The T701 adds Modbus TCP/IP connectivity to the proven reliability and performance of our zero air systems. This allows remote monitoring of key instrument functions including dewpoint status, scrubber temperature, box temperature, and output pressure. Additionally, this digital access provides the ability to remotely disable the internal pump, allowing longer service intervals and less power consumption. The user can also remotely start instrument warm-up prior to arrival at the site.

The T701 is a fully self-contained source of clean, dry air for dilution calibrators. It can also be used to create purge air for permeation tube ovens or burner air for FID analyzers. The T701
includes a dewpoint sensor, an oil and diaphragm-free pump, and scrubbers to remove SO2, NO, NO2, O3, NH3 and H2S. Optional high performance scrubbers are available to remove CO and Hydrocarbons.


  • Modbus Connectivity
  • Dewpoint Sensor
  • Once/year maintenance interval
  • Regenerative, heatless dryer for maintenance-free water removal
  • Long-life scrubbers for SO2, NO, NO2, O3, NH3 and H2S
  • Optional CO or CO/Hydrocarbon scrubber
  • Automatic water drain
  • Automatic pump control with demand tank
  • Two-year warranty

The servicing of calibration equipment depends largely on the usage. Calibration equipment used on a continual basis will require servicing 6 monthly, if not, every 12 months maybe sufficient.

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