ARA N-FRM Sampler

The ARA N-FRM ("Near" FRM) is a portable, rapidly deployable, battery-powered particulate sampling and monitoring device. It delivers Federal Reference Method (FRM) level of performance and integrates many additional functions for unmatched versatility.

The compact-sized sampler collects 24-hour TSP, PM10, or PM2.5 filter samples and can simultaneously measure local meteorological parameters. It can also be equipped with a light scattering particle sensor to log temporal particulate variations. For added versatility, the N-FRM can be operated in directional sampling mode and also has the capability of remote turn on. For more utility, the N-FRM can be operated in sensor only mode for long term collection of meteorological and particulate data.

Sales Engineer, Lewis John explains more about the ARA Sampler in the video below.



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