Back-scatter Cloud Probe with Polarization Detection (Model BCPD)

The BCPD measures cloud droplet size distributions, which are then used to derive the total number concentrations, liquid water content (LWC), median volume diameter (MVD), and effective diameter (ED). The BCPD’s non-intrusive optical housing allows use in a range of ground-based or airborne applications with no contamination from ice crystal shattering and no airflow distortion.
Discriminate between ice and water particles with the BCPD’s polarization feature. For example, use the BCPD to detect when an aircraft encounters abnormally high concentrations of ice crystals.

The BCP is a compact probe that measures 5 µm to 75 µm particles with no contamination from ice crystal shattering and no airflow distortion.
Minimize airflow disturbance and enable undisturbed particle measurement with the BCP’s aerodynamic design.

Both the BCPD and the BCP can monitor multiple output variables like total particles, average transit time, over-range particles, and various probe health indicators. Their minimal size allows them to be mounted easily on aircraft, even when space is at a premium.

Care programs available:

Lifecycle Care Program:

  • 3 years or 3 calls (whichever comes first)
  • Regular maintenance
  • Factory calibration
  • Door-to-door logistics

Science Care Program:
Includes 40 hours of Droplet application scientist support for:

  • Data screening
  • Data validation
  • Data correction

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