Digitel Automatic Precipitation Sampler (Model DRA-12)

Digitel Automatic Precipitation Sampler (Model DRA-12)

A precise solution for the automatic collection and air-conditioned storage of rain and snow samples for later analysis

  • Easy to programme with intuitive touch screen
  • Software is flexible to meet the needs of any sampling schedule
  • Automatic change of bottles when they are full (uses a capacitive sensor)
  • Automatic change of bottles at a preselected time
  • Automatic change of bottles after a user selected rain duration
  • Precipitation-controlled funnel lid with selectable opening and closing times
  • Remote operation and comprehensive event logging
  • Lightweight but also robust and weather proof

How it works

The  DRA-12 Automatic Precipitation Sampler is a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled automatic sampling solution for the precise sampling of wet deposits, such as rain and snow, for later laboratory assessment and analysis,

The DRA-12 sampler is enclosed within a compact field housing, featuring integrated air conditioning. The collection funnel is coated with Teflon and has a surface of 500cm² (diameter 252mm). During dry periods a lid seals the funnel to mitigate the risk of contamination from environmental debris such as leaves and dust. The lid is triggered to open by a highly sensitive rain sensor and rainwater is channelled through the Teflon funnel and pipeline into the designated collection bottle. The DRA-12 sampler has integrated heating which defrosts snow and ice rain but also prevents the funnel lid from freezing – which is important in harsh weather conditions.

The bottle platform has been designed for versatility. The turnable bottle plate accommodates either 12 1-litre sampling bottles, or 32 250-milliliter bottles and has an automatic bottle exchange that is triggered by predefined time intervals or specific events. When a bottle is full, it will be automatically exchanged with a new one. The bottle chamber is air-conditioned to maintain a constant temperature, preserving the integrity of the collected precipitation samples.

The DRA-12 Automatic Precipitation Sampler logs all events, including key parameters such as precipitation onset and bottle exchanges and the sampler is completely remotely operated using a RS232C interface.


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