Bettair® Static Node - Real Time Pollution Mapping

Bettair® Static Node - Real Time Pollution Mapping

An accurate outdoor multi-pollutant indicative sensor, which also measures ambient noise

  • Measure up to 12 air quality indicators, ambient noise level and other environmental parameters
  • Advanced post-processing algorithm - sensors perform at high accuracy (Pearson Correlation over 90%)
  • No need to calibrate in-situ
  • Excellent performance for low concentrations of gases (parts-per-billion, ppb)
  • Low-power wireless network access
  • Customised low-power electronics
  • IP65 rated dust-tight and water resistant
  • Allows the visualisation of a heatmap for each pollutant

How it works

Measure several air quality indicators including NO₂, NO, CO, O₃, SO₂, H₂S, CO₂, PM₁₀, PM₂.₅, PM₁.₀ as well as ambient noise level and other environment parameters

The accuracy of the measurements provided by the bettair® static node is based on advanced proprietary algorithms that enable parts per billion (ppb) measurements with similar accuracy than traditional air quality monitoring stations but at a fraction of the price. The algorithms compensate for the impact of the different ambient conditions as well as sensor degradation due to ageing. This removes the need for costly gas sampling and maintenance equipment.


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