Aero Laser CH2O Continuous Formaldehyde Monitor (Model AL4021)

Aero Laser CH2O Continuous Formaldehyde Monitor (Model AL4021)

A highly sensitive chemical analyser for continuous monitoring of formaldehyde

  • Continuous online monitoring of formaldehyde emissions with unique sensitivity of 100ppt
  • Analysis of gaseous and liquid samples with only one instrument
  • Designed for climate research, environmental air monitoring and indoor air quality control
  • Ideal for emission control of wood, plastic, and fabric based products
  • Can be employed together with up to 16 emission test chambers

How it works

The Aero-Laser formaldehyde monitor AL4021 is an extremely sensitive chemical analyser, based on the Hantzsch (acetyl- acetone) reaction.

It features the detection of formaldehyde down to lowest concentrations of 100 ppt (parts per trillion) for gaseous samples, and 150 ng/litre (eq. 2×10 molar) for liquid samples, respectively. The -9 complete chemical processing,  including gas stripping, is integrated into the instrument. Using a fluorimetric detection method, the instrument achieves an extraordinary selectivity, avoiding interferences of other chemical substances in the sample gas or liquid.

The AL4021 can be calibrated semi-automatically by using liquid formaldehyde standards or automatically, using an optional integrated standard gas generator, based on a permeation tube. Contrary to other highly sensitive formaldehyde monitoring methods, the instrument has a delay time of only a few minutes and a time resolution of 90 seconds.

Originally designed for environmental and climate research, the AL4021 became a major  instrument in the field of formaldehyde emission monitoring of products based on wood, plastics or fibres, within the last few years.


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