Digitel DPA14 Low Volume Aerosol Sampler (LVS)

Digitel DPA14 Low Volume Aerosol Sampler (LVS)

A robust solution for autonomous, continuous sampling with low energy consumption

  • EN12341 compliance verified by TüV Süd
  • Lightweight but robust and weatherproof
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy programming with touchscreen
  • Easy filter handling
  • Software for easy EN12341 tests
  • TSP, PM₁₀, PM₂.₅, PM₁ inlets

How it works

The DPA14 has a magazine of 29 filters stretched in filter holders. They are automatically changed to the flow position at the pre-set time. The devices can be integrated in automatic monitoring systems via various interfaces. The field housing of the DPA14 is suited for outdoor installation.


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