Teledyne API Dynamic Dilution Calibrator (Model T700)

Teledyne API Dynamic Dilution Calibrator (Model T700)

A microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analysers

  • Generates precise calibration gases for SO₂, H2S, NO, NO₂, CO, O₃, and others
  • Large, vivid, and durable colour graphics display with touch screen interface
  • Ethernet, RS-232, and (optional) USB com ports

How it works

The Teledyne API Dynamic Dilution Calibrator (Model T700) is a microprocessor-based calibrator for precision gas analysers. Using highly accurate mass flow controllers combined with compressed sources of standard gases, calibration standards are provided for multipoint span and zero calibrations using up to 4 gas sources.

The Model T700 can be equipped with an optional UV ozone generator for accurate, dependable ozone calibrations, and to enable production of NO₂ when blended with NO gas in the included, internal gas phase titration (GPT) chamber. An optional photometer allows even more precise control of the ozone generator giving accurate and dependable ozone calibrations and enhanced GPTs. To ensure the highest accuracy of NO₂ output, the T700 with the photometer option can measure the ozone concentration prior to performing a GPT. A nearly unlimited number of calibration sequences may be programmed into the non-volatile memory of the Model T700, covering time periods up to a year.


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