Tekran Elemental and Oxidised Mercury Generator (Model 3425)

Tekran Elemental and Oxidised Mercury Generator (Model 3425)

An added, programmable calibration gas source that complements the standard calibration gas source already integrated inside the 3400 HgCEM

How it works

The Tekran Elemental and Oxidised Mercury Generator (Model 3425) provides NIST traceable calibration gas for system calibration.

It can be used as a stand-alone mercury source and calibration system for monitoring or control technology research. The 3425 can be set to automatically generate multi-point calibration gas. The 3425 delivers elemental mercury gas using a NIST traceable, temperature controlled, saturated mercury vapour source. It generates oxidised mercury using a patented method that reacts HCl with elemental mercury to produce gaseous HgCl2 for system calibration or converter efficiency evaluation. Precision mass flow controllers dilute the mercury source output to the desired value. The generator is capable of continuously producing large flow rates of calibration gas at virtually no ongoing cost.

Unlike other saturated sources, the Model 3425 contains a host of advanced features providing superior accuracy and unattended, remote operation. The 3425 Mercury Generator connects to any manufacturer’s external mercury analyser, via a supplied 2-metre long, single tube, heated umbilical, terminated with a SS compression fitting.


  • Coal fired power plant MATS monitoring
  • Waste incinerator emissions
  • Cement plant MACT compliance monitoring
  • Bench scale testing
  • Third party CEMS auditing
  • Mercury removal process monitoring
  • Metrology labs
  • Laboratory & field research


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