Synspec GC955 601 BTEX Analyser

Synspec GC955 601 BTEX Analyser

A precise analyser for measurement of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene (BTEX) and other hydrocarbons in ambient air

  • Customisable detection to include specific components as required
  • Ultra-low detection limits
  • Approved to EN 14662-3 standards
  • Reliable and low maintenance, only requires preventative maintenance once a year
  • Advanced detection technology using a Photo Ionisation Detector (PID)

How it works

The Synspec GC955 series 601 BTEX analyser is engineered for the precise measurement of benzene, toluene and xylene (BTEX) isomers and other hydrocarbons in ambient air. Given the carcinogenic nature of benzene, with no established safe concentration limit, compliance with European regulations mandates its measurement in ambient air. 

The 601 BTEX analyser can simultaneously detect and measure up to 40 different components, with the flexibility to customise settings to include specific components that you need to measure. 

Equipped with a built-in pre-concentration system, the BTEX analyser achieves detection limits ranging from low (ppb) to ultra low (ppt). It is also equipped with a PID detector, a standard industrial computer with touchscreen and user-friendly software. 

Hydrocarbons are pre-concentrated on Tenax GR, desorbed thermally, and separated in an appropriate column to reach optimal separation from interfering hydrocarbons. The system employs a photoionization detector (PID) to ensure heightened sensitivity and specificity towards benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons.

A standard industrial PC, running under Windows, is used. The user-friendly software stores all the chromatograms on the hard disk and data can be interpreted easily with this intuitive software. 

Data can also be transferred by network and modem connection. Besides this, analogue and digital output options are available to communicate with other data logging systems using several data protocols. 

Synspec GC 955 series 601 BTEX analyser can measure up to 40 components. With different settings and suitable calibration gas it is possible to measure components like octane, chloroethenes, trimethylbenzenes in one 30-minute run. Data processing and communication are prepared for this. The customer can also specify a list of components that have to be measured and Synspec can include those compounds in the settings of the system. The customer needs to buy the suitable calibration gas to check this and calibrate the system. As an alternative it is possible to order the 611 ozone precursor (C6 to C12) system or a toxic system 615.

In addition to its primary BTEX analysis capabilities, the Synspec GC955 series 601 BTEX analyser accommodates versatile measurements, allowing for the assessment of octane, chloroethenes, trimethylbenzenes, and other components within a single 30-minute runtime.


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