ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA132-SOFX1 Ultraportable Soil Flux Gas Analyser

ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA132-SOFX1 Ultraportable Soil Flux Gas Analyser

A precise, accurate and rugged analyser for measurement of NH₃, CH₄, CO₂, and H₂O from soil gas

  • Measure NH₃, CH₄, CO₂, and H₂O simultaneously
  • Measurement rates selectable up to 1 Hz
  • Extremely wide dynamic/linear range
  • Highly specific: robust to cross interferences
  • State-of-the-art stability and precision
  • Installed and operational in minutes
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Real-time diagnostics

How it works

The GLA132-SOFX1 Ultraportable Soil Flux Gas Analyser reports measurements of ammonia (NH₃), methane (CH₄), carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water vapour (H₂O) simultaneously in a compact, crushproof and travel friendly analyser.

As with all ABB-LGR analysers, this utilises Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS). A patented, fourth-generation cavity enhanced technique, OA-ICOS has many advantages over older and more delicate techniques such as Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), and conventional laser spectroscopy.

In addition to providing extreme sensitivity due to the folded absorption path, and a wide dynamic range due to the direct absorption-based measurement, OA-ICOS is an inherently robust technique. Due to the off-axis alignment of the optics, LGR analysers are far less sensitive to temperature variations, vibrations, shocks, and dust than similar cavity-based methods. This also means the optics can be cleaned by the user, without needing an expensive return to the factory.

ABB-LGR analysers require no consumables, no carrier gases, and no regular recalibrations. The versatility and sturdiness of the OA-ICOS measurement cell enables reliable measurements in a wide range of applications and environments. ABB-LGR employs the OA-ICOS technique to measure a wide variety of gases and isotopes, in both ultra-precise rackmount laboratory instruments, and portable gas analysers for the field. All ABB-LGR analysers supplied by Enviro Technology are backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and responsive support from our expert team of UK-based technicians.


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