Graywolf Indoor Air Quality Meter

Graywolf Indoor Air Quality Meter

Highly advanced, professional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters and monitors

  • Reliably measure key specific pollutants (VOCs, CO, O₃, NO₂, NH₃, HCHO, etc.; choose from 25+ gas sensors), as well as Particulates, Ventilation Rates (CO₂ and Airflow), Differential Pressure (DP)
  • Optional particle concentration (PM₁.₀, PM ₂.5, PM₁₀, TSP plus 2 other size ranges)
  • High performance, fast-response instrumentation for consistent use over portable, long-term, and continuous IAQ testing applications.
  • Ensure occupant wellness - a win-win for occupant health and productivity, and for building owners’ bottom lines
  • GrayWolf IAQ meters, monitors and instruments optimise the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health, comfort and productivity.
  • Identify potential IAQ issues before they become problems and respond immediately to complaints with the highly accurate and intuitive portable IAQ meters, monitors and testing devices available

Highly advanced, professional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters and monitors make proactive IAQ and green building surveys efficient and easy to conduct. Covid-19 illustrated the need for measurement of ventilation rates, airflow, pollutant pathways and validation of fixed sensors for specific IAQ parameter monitoring in schools, hospitals, public buildings, workplaces, and other indoor facilities of all types.  GrayWolf’s IAQ kits harness leading edge sensor technology with the power and performance of mobile computing. They efficiently display, document, access educational info (on-site) and report on IAQ parameters.


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