JCT JES-360 Gas Sampling Probe For Pre-Filter Back Flu

JCT JES-360 Gas Sampling Probe For Pre-Filter Back Flu

A reliable and accurate gas sampling probe with integrated pre-filter back flush

  • Convenient filter replacement with tool-free element change, for easy maintenance and efficient cleaning.
  • Integrated pre-filter back flush mechanism for accurate sampling

How it works

The JCT JES-360 Gas Sampling Probe provides accuracy and improved reliability in your gas analysis. It has an integrated pre-filter back flush mechanism that automatically clears the pre-filter, which ensures consistent gas flow rates and accurate sampling. This innovative system also significantly reduces maintenance efforts.

The JES-360 Gas Sampling Probe is heated up to 315°C which makes it ideal for NH3 analysers and the backflush mechanism makes it ideal for raw gas monitoring. The JES-360 is built with durable materials and is able to withstand challenging environments.


  • Representative continuous gas sampling in processes containing high dust and humidity
  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission (CEMS) and process monitoring
  • Removal of dust from the sample gas


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