LSE NH3-1700 Analyser

LSE NH3-1700 Analyser

A robust and cost-effective ammonia analyser for measuring ammonia in ambient air

  • Very low detection limit (ppb range)
  • No consumables, turnkey instrument
  • Acrive gas sampling by integrated pump
  • Robust construction making it suitable for monitoring in challenging environments
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • User-friendly software
  • Large colour graphics with touch screen
  • Quantum cascade laser technology for enhanced accuracy and reliability
  • CE certified

How it works

The LSE NH3-1700 Analyser is a robust and cost-effective solution for measuring ammonia in air. The analyser has been developed based on photoacoustics with a quantum cascade laser which enables the continuous determination of NH₃ concentration in sample air with a detection limit of 1ppb and a time resolution of 1 minute.

In the NH₃ 1700 analyser, infrared light produced by a quantum cascade laser is directed through a measurement cell which is continuously flushed with sample gas. An integrated pump draws ambient air through the monitor. If ammonia is present in the sample gas, the absorption of the laser light leads to an increase in pressure within the cell. The laser light intensity is modulated at an acoustic frequency of 1600 Hz, and the resulting pressure modulation is detected by small microphones. The amplitude of modulation is directly proportional to the ammonia concentration.

Ammonia (NH₃) plays a pivotal role in neutralising atmospheric acids, such as sulphuric or nitric acid, consequently leading to the formation of particulate matter. This particulate matter has a negative impact on human health and contributes to radiative forcing. Excessive NH₃ levels can result in eutrophication, loss of biodiversity and soil acidification in sensitive ecosystems. This is becoming an increasing problem on our planet. Agriculture is the predominant contributor to anthropogenic NH₃ emissions. It is likely that NH₃ worldwide emissions will continue to increase, therefore large-scale continuous monitoring of the NH₃ concentration will help to assess the efficacy of measures aimed at mitigating ammonia emissions.


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