AirYX NO₂ / NOx / NO Analyser Series 200 High Grade Version (Model ICAD 200DL)

AirYX NO₂ / NOx / NO Analyser Series 200 High Grade Version (Model ICAD 200DL)

An ultra-sensitive analyser for precise, interference-free measurement of NO₂ / NOx and NO

  • High measurement accuracy and precision
  • Simple to operate - no calibration with NO₂ gas required
  • High stability - not sensitive to shocks, temperature or vibration
  • No consumable gases needed
  • Simple and robust to set up

How it works

The ICAD (Iterative Cavity enhanced DOAS) NO₂ (Nitrogen Dioxide) / NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) / NO (Nitric Oxide) measurement system leverages advanced optical absorption spectroscopy and patented ICAD technology, providing high levels of sensitivity and accuracy, ensuring interference-free measurements for precise data analysis. This measurement system gives you reliable insights into levels of NO, NOx, and NO₂.

The “L” series features an enhanced sensitivity by using a longer absorption cell and increased reflectivity mirrors than the ICAD 200. By measuring the absorption spectrum and applying the ICAD algorithm, the unique and characteristic absorption structure of NO₂ is directly identified and separated from other overlapping absorptions like water vapour (H₂O) or Glyoxal (C₂H₂O₂). This gives the advantage of direct NO₂ measurements (in comparison to CLD) without interferences to other substances or the need of drying mechanism which introduce new interferences (e.g., CLD, CRD, CAPS).

This NO / NOx / NO₂ measurement system has no absolute zero-point drift as it relies on characteristic differential absorption structures, rather than absolute intensities. It also means that it is insensitive to temperature variations, vibrations, and light source degradation, setting it apart from other optical instruments.

The ICAD system has an internal converter for NO to NO₂ (optional) with a NOx free O₃ source allows measuring also NOx/NO with the same system (patented).

No consumable gases are required making the operation simple. Data display is directly available with any WiFi or LAN device or over the RS232 interface

Other High Grade ICAD Monitors include:

ICAD NO₂ 200L Monitor



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